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February 22
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    You groan, waking up to dull lighting, and the natural stink of a motel room. "Tha hell...-?" your voice is weak.

    You hear a voice, and determine it's male. "Dean, she's waking up."

    There are footsteps coming towards you, unsettling you greatly. You attempt to blink away the light and regain your sight, which is achieved soon enough. With another soft groan, you sit up.

    "Rise and shine, cupcake!" This voice is different. More sarcastic and humorous. 


    "Cupcake!" he confirms.   

    There are two of them. One is massive, with hair that is quite glorious, if you do say so yourself. He has a kind face and gentle features. You wouldn't mind being friends with him, you decide. The other is only about two inches shorter than the giant. He's muscly and has a chiseled body and a face that seems almost sculpted. Womanizer, you can immediately tell. His face seems to be set into a permanent smirk. 

    "What... what is going on?" you ask.

    "Well... that's the thing. See, we don't exactly know. You, uh, kinda ran in front of our car and, uhhm... well, we hit you."

    "I got hit by a CAR?!"

    "Yepp! Smack dab in the middle of the road!" It's the womanizer speaking this time.

    "What the hell, man?!"

    "Hey hey hey, YOU ran out in front of our car. I don't wanna hear it!" 

    "Were you not watching the road or something-"

    "I told you it was an ACCIDENT-"

    The two voices start to overlap until the tall one finally shouts, "ENOUGH. Both of you. Dean, you're acting like a child. You are the one who hit her with your car."

    "What, you want me to apologize?" The one called Dean laughs sarcastically, but stops the moment you and the Tall one simultaneously say, "Yes."

    'Dean' rolls his eyes and mutters a quite bitter 'sorry'.

    "I'm sorry, what?"

    He repeats himself.

    "Mister, I can't seem to hear what you're saying!"


    You grin at him and start laughing, the Tall one also cracking a smile. "So, what is your name?" he asks.

    "I..." You stop and think, realizing you don't seem to remember. You can barely remember anything except for the fact that you were running from something. "I don't seem to remember..." you mutter.

    "What? Why?" Dean asks. 

    "Oh cuz I'm supposed to know the answer?" you growl. "Maybe it's because you hit me with your freaking car!"

    Sam chuckles and reaches out to touch your shoulder. "Don't worry. My name is Sam Winchester. This is my brother Dean." He motions to the Womanizer. "Do you remember anything at all?"

    "Not a thing..." you say quietly.

    "D'ya know why you don't have a pulse?" Dean raises an eyebrow at you.

    "A what?"

    "Pulse," Sam answers. "It's a sign that your heart is beating... but you don't seem to have one."

    "WHA-?" You frantically pat at your chest before realizing that your heart, is in fact, not beating. "HOLY SHIT MY HEART ISN'T BEATING! OH MY GOD!" Sam tries to calm you down but you can't seem to catch your breath- which apparently you don't need. You panic heavily, tears welling up in your eyes before you whip towards Dean. "THANKS A LOT ASSBUTT."

    Dean looks affronted. "What the hell did I do?!"

    "You hit me with your CAR!"

    Dean groans and flips you off, a gesture which you so kindly return.

    Sam leans forward as you continue to panic, and says, "I know, i know this is terrifying, but look... look at you, you're alive, you aren't rotting... You aren't dead!"

    "But ... my heart."

    "Whatever you are, you must not need one," Sam says with a smile.

    Both of you are so busy talking that neither of you realize that Dean had left and has now returned with a jug of water, which he now pours over your head. You let out a small shriek, and you jump up, shivering violently.


    Dean grins at you, pride clearly visible. "Well we know she isn't a demon!"

    "Dean..." Sam groans.

    "Sam..." Dean mimics his brother. "She could have been possessed. What if she was? I would have just saved our asses!"

    "Well, clearly Dean, she's not. And now she's cold and wet. Go get her a towel."

    "What? No!"

    "You owe it to her."

    Dean gripes as he retrieves you a towel begrudgingly. 

    "Thanks sweetheart." You say smugly.

    He reaches an arm out quickly, and thumps the hell out of your forehead, making you cry out. 

    "Dean!" Sam half shouts.



    "Twat!" you add in, directed at Dean. 

    The room is silent for a moment as Dean stares at you, assessing you. It's tense and would probably make your heart race, if you had one. Suddenly he cracks a grin, reaching out a hand, and tousling your already screwed up hair.

    "I like you!"

    Sam lets out a short breath as you scrunch up your face and shout "Hey!" unable to keep the grin off your lips.

    "Well Sammie? What should we name our new pet?"

    "Pet?" Sam asks, eyebrow raised.

    "Yeah man, what do we call her?

    "Wha... I dunno?" 

    "Howww abouuuut Spot?"

    "Haha, veeeery funny, sweetheart." you roll your eyes.






    "Seriously Dean? You hit me with your car, at least give me a proper name!"

    Dean stops and thinks for a moment before simply stating, "(Y/n)."

    You and Sam both nod your heads at the name, pondering it.

    "Not bad, sweetheart." 

    "I like it," a grin breaks out on Sam's face. Dean lets out a triumphant shout before they both turn to you, awaiting your approval.

    You look at the boys, and let a smile take over. "Alright, I like it!"

    "Well, (Y/n), we've got a lot to explain before anything else." 

Language Warning!
   For the record, the show is Supernatural. It has fairly strong language anyway. But here is part one. I should be able to get part two up fairly soon. I should probably update my other stories as well, a thing i will work on doing.
I know that no one get's accepted into Sam and Dean's team that easily, but for the record, she has yet to be accepted to the team. They've just befriended her. As it seems though, lovely reader, you don't seem to have a beating heart! What could possibly be wrong with you? *dramatic gasp*

I do not own any of Supernatural's characters
I do not own you **darn**

Part 1: You are here!

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NoelMalphoi Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stay tuned to find out ;3
wolffreak567 Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Brilliant :)
absentrapper Feb 22, 2014  Student Writer
I REALLY want to know more, you've gotta make more :3
NoelMalphoi Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
definitely;3 the supernatural phase has only just begun!
absentrapper Feb 23, 2014  Student Writer
YAY!!! :D
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